La Grosse Oceanna – Raspberry Sour


Barrel-aged Raspberry sour.


Barrel-aged in French oak barrels formerly maturing our Apricot Sour “La Grosse Lola” this saison has first been fermented clean in stainless steel with a French saison yeast strain and some fresh Raspberries.

Once fully fermented the beer has been transferred to oak barrels and has aged with more Australian Raspberries, Belgian lactobacillus, pediococus and brettanomyces.

After extracting oak and Raspberries character, the barrels have been blended to reach the perfect balance. It is smooth and round, yet vibrant. with fresh rapsberries, vanilla  and funk character. It is worth swirling and oxidating in the glass to release it’s full presence. Drink chilled. This Beer is alive.


Frenchies Brewery

Brewer Tasting Notes

It is smooth and round with clear Apricot character, toasted Apricot pit, oaky vanilla and funk. It is worth swirling and oxidating in the glass to release it's full presence. Drink very cold. Perfect food pairing: Soft creamy cheese

Beer Colour (EBC Value)
Mouth Feel

Creamy, vibrant

Hops Profile
Malt Profile
Flavour Profile

Funky, malty, woody notes, mildly acidic, Apricot





Additional information


Bottle, Case of 6

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