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Clean and crisp with subtle hints of homegrown citrus

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This is a SMaSH Lager! Using only a single malt variety and a single hop variety for the recipe. We have used Voyager malts from NSW and gone with their Atlas variety for that clean crisp pilsner taste. For the hop variety we have used Mandarina Bavaria – a new world German hop that we think is perfect for the Australian pallet. To follow up with our German homage, we went with a classic German yeast strain for that classic finish.
This beer is a SMaSHable lager finishing dry with a tinge of tangerine and citrus from late kettle hop additions. Drink it cold for every occasion. Anywhere Anytime.

Brewer Tasting Notes

BBQ meats

Beer Colour (EBC Value)
Mouth Feel

Clean and crisp

Hops Profile
Malt Profile
Flavour Profile

Tangerine citrus, medium/light body

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Pack of 4, Case of 24