Sour Mix – All Barrel Aged


Barrel-aged sour Mix including 1 bottle of each:

Le Temps des Cerises – The Time of Cherries – Cherry Sour

La Grosse Lola –  Apricot Sour

La Grosse Oceanna – Raspberry Sour

(3 x 750ml bottles in total)



Barrel-aged in French oak barrels from the Bird in Hand winery in the Adelaide hills, these sours have first been fermented clean in stainless steel. At the end of fermentation the clean beers are transferred to barrels.

Once in barrels, they age with Belgian lactobacillus, pediococus and brettanomyces. After extracting enough oak character, the barrels are blended to reach the perfect balance.  These beers have a soft sourness rounded by the oak, with bright fruity aromatics and a little dose of funk. It is worth swirling and oxidising them in the glass to release their full presence. These beers are alive.

(3 x 750ml bottles in total)


Frenchies Brewery

Beer Colour (EBC Value)
Mouth Feel


Hops Profile
Malt Profile
Flavour Profile

fruity, malty, woody notes, mildly acidic


4.5% to 7.6%



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